Everyday habbits that drain your Energy.


  1. Oversleeping: Imagine the very first action of your day was theoretically a failure. You start your day with guilt. It will soak out all your motivation for the day. Always wake-up like a warrior, not a failure.


  1. Overthinking: The worst case scenario that you are imagining is probably never going to happen. If it does happen, you will anyway have to face it. That’s how this world works. Unfortunately, today the worst place to live is in our minds. 9 out of 10 times, you are overthinking. Your mind needs to rest too. Give it a break.


  1. Junk and overeating. It makes your mind cloudy. You are what you eat. If you treat your body like shit, it is probably not going to respond well to your aspirations. Remember, your body is a chemical soup. Certain chemicals will certainly drain you out. .


  1. Clinging to trivial opinions. It’s a complete waste of mental energy.


  1. Not being able to say NO. To help the friend with her last-minute assignments, to ferry your sister’s friend to the concert, to take your neighbor’s dog out for a walk out. You never seem to decline their request and deny helping them out. Stop being a people pleaser. Learn to say NO.


  1. Rapid task switching. Different tasks allow us to take our mind off of things and to relax a little bit. But doing it so often means we have to restart over and over again. Starting to do something needs more energy than to keep going, as we all know by how much willpower it took to actually start working in the first place. Staying with one task for longer creates a state of flow, giving you more energy in the long run.


  1. Just like how a ticking time bomb is, your mind continues to ignite every time you overthink stuff. Overthinking and worrying is just another defense mechanism when you are anxious or scared. If you can change the situation, take action. If you can’t, accept it.


  1. Negative self-talk. It takes a lot of energy to be someone we are not. Yet it happens quite too often that we think we need to be someone else. We act to please others, to fit in, even to be appreciated by people we do not even like. Trying so hard to fit in causes more harm than good. Allow yourself to be you, no matter what that means and no matter in what situation. The more you sabotage yourself, the worse you become.


  1. It keeps you stuck. This might be the biggest daily drain on your efficiency. The internal debate of whether you should do something is exhausting. It makes it hard to think and raises your cortisol levels which promotes anxiety. Decide and make adjustments along the course.


  1. Attention-seeking. You will never please everyone, so it’s best to just try and please yourself. Are you happy and proud of who you are? That’s all that matters if some people do not like you when you’re at your best, that is not your issue, that is theirs. Work on yourself and let people discover you instead.


  1. Fighting your inner resistance to do something. Life is supposed to be enjoyed. Gain energy like the little kids again by playing around. Enjoy the little things and the big things. Gain energy by being more active, playing, goofing around and just enjoying life as much as possible!  If you want to do it, do it. Otherwise, don’t do it.


  1. When you attribute every interaction a person has with you to how they feel about you, it’s exhausting and more often than not it’s not correct. Chances are, it’s not about you, and you’re not helping the situation by taking it personally. Not taking things personally will save you a lot of stress and your workplace a lot of needless strain. It gets you emotional for the wrong reason and solves nothing. People will shun you too.


  1. Feeding your mind with junk information. Reading the news. Seriously, do not do this. It’s hedged negative. It makes the 10–20% of the bad things in the world feel like 80%-90%. I cut out news altogether and my production soared. Before you know it, you’ve been mentally drained.


  1. Living in the past or being with negative people.It will mentally and emotionally exhaust you to love a broken person. Trying to rescue them from their inner demons will draw out the life from you. You won’t realize the consequences of being emotionally exhausted by their insecurities and how much efforts you need to put into the relationship in order to save it. You don’t need that much hassle really.


  1. Arguing with lousy people. Certain mundane everyday arguments are necessary and sometimes beneficial. But arguments on ‘Does God exist?’ or ‘Are all religions evil?’ or ‘Is Bob fit to be a team-leader?’ or ‘What benefit has vegetarianism bought to the planet?’ are largely inconclusive and often ends in conflicts. Feel free to have an opinion. But don’t fight with others to defend your opinion. If you win, it merely means you’re a lousy person. If you lose, it means you’re worse than the lousy people.


  1. Procrastination: For any activity, the beginning is the toughest. Unfortunately, 90% of the procrastination happens at this stage. Clever people make the first step ASAP.


  1. Poor diet: You know what I’m about to say if you’re eating too much sugar, carbs and trans fat you’re just giving energy away to snacks and meals. Be thoughtful about what you eat, eat food that gives you energy, like greens, lean protein and healthy fats, not food that takes it away.


  1. Gossiping And Participating In Drama: Discussing and creating drama does nothing to advance or career or build better relationships with your colleagues and friends. It is wasting energy on something that likely has nothing to do with you and is not any of your business. Don’t expend energy discussing other people, or trying to make their life more difficult by causing drama. Put that energy into your own self-care and self-improvement.



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